View of the city of Boston

What I have witnessed from great Fathers, Mothers, Marriages, Friendships and Leaders is that they embrace the unknown. They aren’t paralyzed and more importantly they aren’t miserably consumed with having to know all the steps. They believe in who they are, they have a spirit of gratitude, and they have a child like faith that it will all work out if they give it all they got.

I have interviewed “grown ups” that will tell me they are miserable, but when I present them with several amazing opportunities they question and need all the details. They then proceed to tell me “that is just the type of person I am.” Interesting didn’t you just tell me you were miserable? Maybe it’s time to take a new approach.

This picture is special because I was staying in Boston and it was a quick turnaround. I love running and I love running in every city I visit. I had to wake up early and I was unsure how, but I was determined to get a picture of the city on my run. I got lost but I kept searching and hello I got the most gorgeous view of the city with clouds and everything. Child like Faith.